Gelato is the first and only producer of fresh and original Italian Gelato in Oman.We produce daily fresh Gelato only with 100% natural ingredients.

All our raw material are natural and of Italian origin. We only use the top quality products for our Gelato such as Sicilian almond and pistachio paste, Piedmont hazelnut paste, Belgian chocolate powder, Italian Nutella chocolate, coupled with fresh youghurt, fresh fruit and fresh juices to give to our clients the best taste with no artificial fats and a very tasty and healthy Gelato, for the pleasure of children and adults.
One scoop of our Gelato only has between 80 to 100 calories, just a little more than a big apple. Not comparable with the high content of calories and fats contained in industrial ice creams normally found on the market. Besides, our Gelato only has 30% content of air, while industrial ice cream have between 60 to 70% of air content.

Founding Date
16 Sep 2007

AT Il Gelato Muscat beside our Italian Gelato you can find fresh salads, freshly made hot and cold sandwiches, home made cakes, milk shakes, freskino (milk shake with espresso), original Italian espresso and cappuccino, hot chocolate, caramel macchiato, cappuccino with chocolate, fresh juices..etc.